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Welcome to the Vitiligo Society of South Africa

Design Challenge

Enter the VSSA Design Challenge

First prize R5000

Second proze R3000

Third prize R2000

Let your creativity flow

Draw anything you want relating to vitiligo.

It may be a drawing of yourself, or a family member.

It may a stylised version of a drawing, a painting - oil paint, watercolour, pencil drawing, charcoal, ink or even ceramic.

Colour, black and white or brown - any colour you choose.

Think out of the box.

Draw inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and Google images or give it your own persona entirely.

Capture peoples imaginations.

Let your drawing conjure up some emotion.

The only limit is your imagination.

The best drawings will be featured on this website and of course be rewarded with the prizes shown above.

Closing date of all entries: 30 September 2024

To enter, please write to The Secretary, Vitiligo Society of South Africa.


To receive newsletters and notices of meetings, please join (free) as a member. 

Find a Dermatologist



View list of dermatologists interested in vitiiligo

Practices are listed in alphabetical order according to province.

New Page:  An arabic translation of the Vitiligo School Campaign poster has just been added. The page was translated by Dr Marwa Adballah from university of Egypt. Please fee free to download, print and distribute the poster in any language of your choice.

If you are able to translate the poster into any other indigenous language, or in fact in any other language, please contact the VSSA.

World Vitiligo Day Meeting

On 22 June, South Africa commemorated World Vitiligo Day, with 6 talks from 3 overseas and 3 local speakers - Dr Munish Paul and Dr  Rakesh Bharti (India), Dr Nehal Tag Ambar (Egypt), Dr Suretha Kannenberg (Cape Town), Dr Bhavna Singh and Dr Khumo Duze (Durban).


The meeting was chaired by Dr N Raboobee from Durban. Topics covered included Differential Diagnosis of Vitiligo, Systemic associations with vitiligo, myths and current treatments of vitiligo. The meeting was held online and was hosted by La Roche Psossay - Dr Kim Wiid.

Participate in Word Vitiligo Day meetings in any of a variety of ways:

Give a talk.

Bring a family member or friend.

Form a support group.

Write a poem.

Sing a song.

Arrange an interview for a magazine or newspaper

Talks to kids in school about vitiligo.

Write an article for the MelanoSite newsletter.

Drive around with your van with a vitiligo awareness message.

Come up with your own ideas.

Email your ideas to the VSSA


The Dermatology Congress in Gqeberha will be host to 3 international vitiligo researchers - Prof Jung Min Bae and Prof  Hung Jeong Ju who will be demonstrating a new technique of vitiligo transplantation using the hair transplant device: and Dr Mauro Picardo from Italy who will discuss latest developments in vitiligo.

The VSSA is now on instagram


Calling on all International Vitiligo Societies,  Organisations and Associations

please hook up with us by clicking here

The VSSA is now planning for the 2024 World Vitiligo Day meeting - to be held around 25 June 2024.

If you would like to contribute, or have any ideas on making this meeting unique, please contact the VSSA - with your name, email address and ideas. 

Suggestions regarding topics to be covered are welcome.

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