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Vitiligo Centres of Excellence

The following dermatologists have indicated their interest in treating vitiligo following a survey taken at the Congress of the Dermatology Society of South Africa at the Drakensburg in August 2015. The names under each province appear in alphabetical order.


Facilities offered in their practices are shown adjacent to their names.


To find practice details of the dermatologists below, please search under FIND A DERMATOLOGIST




NBUV:  Narrow Band Ultraviolet B

PUVA:  Psoralen and Ultraviolet A

Ex:        Excimer laser/light

SBG:     Suction Blister Grafting

PG:       Punch Grafting

NCMG: Non-cultured Melanocyte Grafting

CMG:   Cultured Melanocyte Grafting



To find details of the chosen dermatologist, please search one of the two sites below:


Q-Swtiched NdYAG Laser treatment for Depigmentation

Laserderm Parkhurst

          Dr Ingrid du Plessis

          Dr July Budavari

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