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Mpumalanga Support Group

1 March 2016


Good day;


I hope all is well. I am sending this mail to all patients suffering from the skin decease, Vitiligo, as well as parents with children suffering from this decease. I have been informed by the Vitiligo Association of South Africa, that there is no support group for the Province of Mpumalanga at all. I believe that forming a support group with people affected by Vitiligo, might help those going through this to realise that they are not alone and to assist in raising awareness of Vitiligo.


My details are as follows:


1.Rene Marais

2.0824630396/ 082 9201058


Our daughter was diagnosed with vitiligo in 2014.She is 12 years old at present and facing this challenge alone as if she is the only child with vitiligo. She endures questions, mockery and stares from other children….There might be more other children and adults going through the same life-challenge alone. 


My vision is to try and build up a support group for those effected by vitiligo and their families. My main concern is for children with vitiligo to be able to build up friendships and connections with other children also suffering from vitiligo, thus having others to identify with and to be able to encourage and support one another, making them stronger . Also to assist other families that have to learn how to cope in a household with vitiligo and help patients to build a stronger self-esteem and courage.


I have also noticed that the Communities do not have an idea what vitiligo is, making those affected by vitiligo, feel like freaks or outsiders (especially in schools!). By promoting the decease, informing people about what it is, making them aware of the existence thereof, it might make tolerance and understanding for those affected by vitiligo so much more.


I would so much appreciate your response and really hope that we can do something together for our loved ones going through this, with the ultimate goal to strengthening them to face society head on.


Should you be interested, my contact number and email address is at the top of this email.


You are welcome to forward this email to anybody you know who is suffering from this decease. It sometimes is a lonely struggle…



Rene Marais


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