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Non-cultured melanocyte grafting

Non-cultured melanocyte rich epidermal cell suspensions may be made up from epidermis removed from a donor area.  These cells are grafted directly onto denuded epidermis in a vitiligo area.  Although this procedure is been performed to a limited extent in South Africa, the lack of a dedicated facility means that it cannot be offered on a commercial basis.


Technique of Non-cultured grafting


  • A thin graft is taken from the outer thigh.

  • The graft is placed in a petri dish to which trypsin is added.

  • After one hour, the graft is scraped to release melanocytes.

  • The trypsin is washed with PBS solution

  • The fluid is centrifuged. Melanocytes collect at the bottom of the test tube

  • The melanocytes are collected and grafted onto vitiligo sites which are prepared with a dermabrader to remove the white coloured epidermis.


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