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  • The black and white colours of the logo represent the discolouration of patches of vitiligo.

  • The hands are a common and extremely noticeable site of vitiligo involvement.

  • The hands are reaching out, firstly for help and secondly towards a sphere.

  • The sphere represents a whole and intact shape, hence the desire to progress from incomplete to complete repigmentation.  A sphere is defined an an object where every point of the surface is equidistant from the centre.  Vitiligo patients are united in this way by a common sense of purpose and togetherness.

  • A sphere is a celestial body, thus reaching out to a higher power.

  • The sphere also represents the sun, which is known from ancient times to be central to the healing of vitiligo patches.  Modern methods of sunlight delivery to the skin include phototherapy (UVB), photochemotherapy (PUVA) and excimer laser, all of which are based on light.

  • The person formed inside the logo, between the hands is made up of two colours representing vitiligo.

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